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December 2005

Happy Holidays!

Throughout this year we hosted many exciting and self-healing workshops and we plan to continue for 2006. Those attending our Wellness classes have been delighted to better understand how Network Spinal Analysis works and how amazing their body really is. Our Meditation participants have been illuminating the consciousness underlying their pain and creating useful tools to transform them. Our Somato Respiration integration is a favorite body/mind class that has helped participants to increase awareness as well as
advance their gateways to wellness.

This was indeed a busy year for me. Starting with a dream vacation. My family and I toured Rome, Florence, and Venice. I love Italy's ancient sights, famous art, and especially its food! In April, I was fortunate to attend the biannual Denver Transformation Gate and 12 Stages of Healing. These retreat weekends are given around the world and are open to anyone under NSA care. The deeper I can experience my own physical and mental path, the better I can guide you on your healing journeys. In July, I traveled to my hometown in upstate NY for my 40th high school reunion. That was both scary and wonderful. The lesson that lingers from my travels: Europeans. other people from around the world, and even my own classmates seem to be living a much less stressful life than those of us in the metro NY area.

This has been a tough year both personally and globally for all of us. One of my closest friends died, as did my dear 97 year-old mother-in-law. These personal losses, however, seem small compared to the Tsunami, Katrina, and the Pakistani devastations. The snowy winters of New York are looking pretty benevolent compared to what has been occurring in the rest of the world.

These times of tradedy require us to be even more diligent on our paths to wellness. The more we upgrade our body's hardware through NSA care, the better we can handle life's software. The more flexible our nervous system, the better we can adopt to outside stresses and tragedies. The more grounded we are in our rhythms the better we can live our lives and do what we want to be doing for our family, our friends, and ourselves. If we are only living in survival, we can't be much help to ourselves, let alone anyone else.

As this letter goes to mail, I will be joining my mother for the holidays, who by the way is also celebrating her 80th birthday. She is one of the smartest and most giving people I know. In a world that often sends us very different messages, she is a steadfast model of gratitude. For example, she has always tithed one tenth of her modest income. When all seems lost, remember to give gratitude. This simple strategy can lift you out of yourself into community and connection.

December 2004

Happy Holidays!

Our center is changing its name to "Holistic Oasis" because our mission is to be the source for wellness on your journey to wholeness. We now have many self healing workshops in the center including: share sessions for Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) to understand your healing body, Consciousness groups to free your mind, and Somato Respiration Integration to connect your body/mind.

This year has been a little more peaceful than last, but hectic as usual. In February, I went to the incredible Denver Transformational Gate and 12 stages of Healing. These seminars are given around the world and are open to anyone under NSA care. In both May and November, I attended the advanced Certified Level Intensive seminars in Colorado for providers of NSA care. The deeper I can experience my own physical and mental path, the better I can guide you on your healing journey.

April 2004

Time of change
This is a time of enormous change, not just in my family and office but also in the community and world. Perhaps that's why I have been unusually overwhelmed and even anxious lately. It feels like a new reality or consciousness is emerging around me.

As my son is transitioning from adolescence to teen, I am grappling with safety issues of computer, friends, and sex. I am learning when it's appropriate to let go as well. My retired husband, who is now Mr. Mom, is doing those things I used to do more competently than I. Our massage therapist has gone into her family business, and since I have always loved Amma massage, I am looking for someone with that expertise to replace her. Another Andrea, Andrea Davis, is a nutritionist who has joined our facility on Thursdays. My assistant Sophia is moving to Atlanta, Georgia with her family and we will dearly miss her serene competence. Until I find her replacement, I will be wearing two hats again. The challenges in your life may have different names and circumstances but add up to the same result.

We each experience overwhelm at different times and in various ways. We overwork, overeat, watch too much TV, stay on the computer too long and don't get enough exercise. When our nervous system can no longer adapt, we become sick or shut down. Our body may delete metabolic pathways, kill cells, alter organs or overuse systems. We become frazzled, angry, anxious and depressed. This results in frustration, fatigue, pain and illness.

Just when I get a little too cool for my britches, I usually get a dose of humility. A few weeks ago, I woke up with severe back pain and had difficulty getting on my shoes. I went for my biweekly chiropractic visit and during the entrainment began to have that welcomed respiratory wave. I knew immediately the back pain was melting. I laughed to myself, "This stuff really works!" The pain gradually dissipated during the day and by the next day was practically gone.

The day Sophia told me she was leaving in l week for Atlanta, I didn't know how I was going to keep it together. On my walk back from the bank, I went up to the quiet roof of my office building hoping to recharge. For 10 minutes before afternoon hours, I paced back and forth in the warm sun and breathed… breathed...breathed. I felt almost "normal" again. Breathing is simply essential and can literally bring us back from the "dead". Next month I'm going to begin Somatic Respiratory Integration (SRI) and meditation classes in the office to facilitate your Network care and your life.

Shifting Realty
We presume the injuries we've had and the tests that show pathology to be permanent. We are much more dynamic and changing than we have assumed. We are a hologram living in a holographic cosmos. Every cell in our body contains changeable DNA information. Each atom consists of particles separated by distances far greater in size than the particles themselves. This space or distance is the same "field" in all atoms of every cell in all matter. Unfortunately, most of our lives are consumed by the particles in our "material" inner and outer world. The space between the particles is more important more fluid and changing. This field is the same within each human and makes up the whole universe. The particles are bonded by a force some call love and others say the opposite of love is fear. If we let go of our fear and experience this unity of field, we realize we are more alike and have more in common than not. If we suspend the illusion of our limited time/space reality, we shift to an expanded reality that includes diversity in race religion and gender. I believe with Network Spinal Analysis care, each respiration and oscillation increases our inner awareness and connection altering our existing time/space patterns. From a new shifted perspective, we more fully experience our world and ourselves.


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