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We stock three books written by Dr. Donald Epstein, the developer of Network Spinal Analysis, which is the revolutionary wellness system provided at our Holistic Oasis center.

12 Stages of Healing

This book takes us beyond traditional books on healing by identifying twelve basic rhythms or stages of consciousness common to all of humanity. Each stage imparts its wisdom and unfolds from the healing of the previous stage. Powerful exercises and declarations, Somato-Respiratory Integration, help us to maximize our healing experience.


Boomerang Principle

This book is artfully typeset, and makes a perfect gift. A small, golden boomerang moves from its starting point at the beginning of the book in a full arc, then returns to that starting point, visually demonstrating the Boomerang Principle at work. Open this magical book again and again. The Boomerang Principle will expand the reader's horizons each time it's pages are opened.


Myths and Magic

"If there were one most valuable truth we could learn to grasp in our lifetime that enabled us to reach our highest potential, perhaps it would be this: Deep within us, we all possess the unlimited capacity to heal ourselves. In his book Healing Myths, Healing Magic, Donald Epstein, internationally known founder of Network Spinal Analysis and the author of The 12 Stages of Healing, guides us through a fascinating journey about cultural healing myths and the true nature of illness as an expression of the soul".-Sheila Warnke


We know they sound weird but have you discovered the benefits of magnets yet? We have a large affordable assortment available. Two favorites are the king pillow insert for back pain and the head/neck band for head ache and neck pain.

Nutritional Supplements

Juice Plus+ is the most researched food supplement in the world! Are you confused about which and what nutritional supplements to take? Learn the dangers of synthetic vitamins and the benefits of whole food supplements. Discover if the convenient and affordable Juice Plus+ is for you too.

Homeopathic Remedies

We have a full range of homeopathic remedies available. Our most sold Trameel, is a natural anti-inflammatory for trauma and injuries and has the equivalent benefits but not the side effects of the non-steroids and Cox 2 Inhibitors. (BHI)


All Glucosamine sulfates are not created equally and many are not stable but ours has the Consumers Laboratory rating. (Pyhto Pharmica)


Cervical (Neck) Pillows: We have been searching for the perfect neck pillow for over 20 years. As result we have several varieties, sizes, textures and price ranges available (including the popular Temper-Pedic pillow) which will be both comfortable and beneficial.

Lumbar (Back) Support Pillows:
Support your back in all your favorite sitting places.

Lumbar (support) belts and Cervical (neck) collars:We carry several sizes for those needing support for acute neck and back injuries.

Tapes & DVD's

Stop Back Pain:
This is a practical approach for daily activities, a productive exercise regimen for the whole body and guided relaxation for stress reduction.

What every woman should know!:
Listen to Dr. Lee's VHS tape about the benefits of natural progesterone cream for prevention of PMS, menapause symptoms, and osteoporosis.

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