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Dr. Gayle Whittaker specializes in Network Spinal Care. Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) is an advanced healing modality offering life altering strategies for living and healing in an evolving world. In order to achieve maximum benifit from NSA, Dr. Whittaker utilizes three different Levels of Care. Levels of care are roads on the map that allow you to reach the goals of improving your spinal neural integrity leading to a vibrant health and improved life.

Levels of Care

Level 1 (basic)
As your brain and body learn to connect more effectively, self regulation improves. A respiratory wave develops helping to release energy stored as tension. Awareness increases and your spine becomes healthier.
Level 2 (Intermediate)
Stored tension is harnessed as fuel for the refinement of the respiratory and somato-psychic waves transforming your internal structures and external relationships.
Level 3 (Advanced)
The somatopsycic wave develps oscialltion in the thoracic area expanding your internal structures and external awareness and awakening your consciousness.

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