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What is NSA?

During Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) care two "healing waves" develop which are unique to Network. One is a breathing wave that releases tension throughout the spine and body and relaxes a person. The other is called a somatopsychic (or body-mind) wave, which is associated with a dolphin type undulation or movement of the spine. These waves are related to a significant increase in wellness and quality of life.

Once people experience these Network "healing" waves, they tend to make healthier choices. Suddenly the exercise, diet, supplements, meditation or prayer that may have been resulting in minimal wellness benefits increased in effectiveness. Saying it differently, people in Network care, who experience these waves often double their perceived wellness. As these "healing waves" progress along a person's spine it revitalizes, energizes, and helps the body to self correct distortions of alignment and posture. They move "stuck energy" and are a resource of new energy and vitality. Vertebra of the spine spontaneously realign as one of the by products.

NSA helps the person "inside" who is experiencing disease, and must deal with a prognosis, treatment, and symptoms. With care they are better able to develop innate strategies to find tension in the their bodies and spontaneously move and breathe to dissipate it. NSA helps the person to use the energy within their spinal tension (and unresolved past and current stressful or traumatic experiences) to fuel the healing process. Network Care helps the internal cues to become so available that people more often act, think, feel and respond in a more productive and healthier fashion. The internal communication systems become clearer to coordinate the body more effectively even during periods of stress and trauma. People have been shown to make healthier choices and enjoy life more. Also, a wide range of physical complaints such as headaches, stiffness, pain, eczema, menstrual cramps, dizziness and many others have been reported by the Network patients to improve or resolve.

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