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Welcome to the website of Dr. Gayle A. Whittaker, Holistic Chiropractor, and the Holistic Oasis

Our mission is to empower you to know that healing is possible and for you to fully experience your magnificant capacity to be truly healthier than you are. This journey to evolving wholeness is not only about reducing pain and symptoms, but a holistic integration of optimal physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

It is our experience that by getting entrained with the revolutionary global wellness system of Network Spinal Analysis, participants become more in touch with their innate power and wisdom. They develop new strategies, buy tramadoll which eliminate back pain, reduce pain killer addiction, avoid surgery, and manage anxiety, depression and stress more effectivley. Able to make healthier choices and live with increased joy, they create a higher quality of life for themlselves and their world.

Gayle A. Whittaker, D.C.

Workshops (Dates to be announced)

Heal Your Body
Wellness Lifestyle (No Tuition:Free)

Dr. Whittaker will explain and demonstrate the global wellness system of Network Spinal Analysis. Participants have the opportunity to share their experiences and ask questions about their healing process. This workshop will help you better understand how gentle touch contacts applied at Spinal Gateways assist the body in developing two healing waves.

Free Your Mind

Personal Transformation (Tuition: $25/Session)

The "Secret" of life is about using the univeral Law of Attraction by changing our consciousness at will. We cannot always change our circumstances, but we can transcend how we respond. Learn the practical consciousness tools of meditation and mindful living to clarify your purpose, synchronize your present, and help you manifest a more congruent reality.

Live Your Spirit

Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI - Tuition: $25/per session)

Learn how Somato Respiratory Integration incorporates focused attention, gentle breath, touch, energy, and movement. This take-home tool enables you to more fully experience your natural rhythms as you move through the Stages of Healing.

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